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Kriah – Hebrew Reading

 Our Kindergarten-Grade 1 children are introduced to the Hebrew alphabet through games, crafts, songs, and stories – gaining comfort with the letters. From Grades Bet (2) through Daled (4), our students are introduced to the ALEPHchamp system. In this highly motivated learning environment, students are divided by skill into various color levels, with a designated reading teacher who oversees the progress of each student. When a student feels ready to move onto the next level, they simply arrange to be tested. In this way the Aleph Champ program empowers the individual, stressing self-motivation and personal goals while encouraging group work. At ceremonies, held both in the middle and at the culmination of the year, family and friends are invited to a celebration of each student’s accomplishments. Once the student has graduated from the Aleph Champ program, they begin working on their Hebrew Writing Skills and Hebrew Vocabulary – Ivrit conversational lessons.

Tefillah – Prayer

Beginning with the youngest class, we introduce prayers and songs – increasing both the amounts of prayers and the depth of their meanings, as the students progress. Ultimately, our goal is for our students to attain a familiarity with the words of the prayers, the mechanics that attach to those prayers (ie: when to stand, etc.), and its deeper messages.


The Jewish Knowledge Championships for Hebrew School children!
JewQ enables you to master basic concepts in Judaism along with other Jewish children attending Hebrew Schools around the globe. You will study, get tested, and with an average of at least 70%, you will be entitled to join a grand trip!
The students will enjoy an exciting and interactive championship at Hebrew School. 


 THE HEBREW ALPHABET PROGRAM THAT ENGAGES TODAY’S STUDENTS. There is nothing quite like watching a child bond with the Hebrew letters as they are brought to life. “Adventure with Alef” will bring an excitement and love of the Hebrew Alphabet – Aleph Bet letters to your classroom and students homes. Within the beautiful illustrations are smart and relevant mnemonics that allows students to easily learn the Hebrew Alphabet and recall the Aleph Bet letters forever.

Kittah Aleph - 1st Grade

 Throughout the year your children will be learning Jewish History to give them a sense of Jewish pride and identity. Your children can expect to cover from the times of Adam & Eve through the Jewish Exodus from Egypt. The lessons will be taught in a story form as well through games projects, dramatizations and contests.

Kittah Bet - 2nd Grade

Torahpedia: This course comprises 22 bite-size lessons. TORAHpedia is a cleverly constructed curriculum, focusing on one mitzvah for each letter of the aleph-bet. Using a bright and engaging activity book, the students have fun as they learn 22 fundamental Jewish lessons. TORAHpedia’s activity book places special emphasis on Mitzvot Are For Action! TORAHpedia brings real-life relevance to key Jewish concepts, demonstrating how Torahs lessons are applicable to the students’ actual lives.

Kittah Gimmel - 3rd Grade

With two worksheets per hero; beautifully designed and engaging, the Jewish Heroes Workbook provides students with the opportunity to become Jewish Hero pros.

Each student also receives a complete Jewish Hero Card Set and Collectors Album.

Kittah Daled - 4th Grade

 Mitzvot give us the opportunity to anchor lofty concepts in daily life. By performing good deeds, we implement our knowledge in a real and meaningful way. Connecting learning with doing enables us to make the world a better and brighter place. We focus on a number of special Mitzvoth throughout the year; like Shabbat, Tzedakah, Kosher and what we can do to strengthen our connection to the Land of Israel.

Kittah Hay - 5th Grade

 Throughout the year your children will be learning Jewish History to give them a sense of Jewish pride and identity. Your children can expect to cover from from the time of Moses to the Modern Era. Newspaper-style articles and features engage your students’ imaginations and intellectual curiosity. Thought-provoking questions challenge your students to think critically about the driving forces of historical figures and events.

Kittah Vov - 6th Grade

In the Bar/Bat Mitzvah Discovery course, students will not learn about theoretical, elusive concepts—they will learn about themselves. The Jewish Discovery course explores the founding stories of the Jewish people to illuminate the stories of our own lives. The course addresses basic questions of Jewish identity and Jewish life, such as: Who am I? What does it mean that I am Jewish? Why do I sometimes struggle with doing the right thing? We hope this course inspires and leads to continued and greater Jewish engagement after Bar/Bat Mitzvah.

Kittah Zayin - 7th Grade

The Bar / Bat Mitzvah Class
Taught in a relaxed and fun setting (breakfast is served), presents Bar/Bat Mitzva from historical, traditional, and modern perspectives. The Jewish customs that relate to this momentous occasion take on a beautiful meaning, and the students will learn life-lessons and values that are core to Jewish teachings.